The Remade X ACU X BANU "Guardian Lions" AF1

Air Force 1 "Guardian Lions" 

This is already the limited edition of the Lunar New Year brought by The Remade in the fifth year. This time not only the ACU, which is known to the public, but also the 3D model of BANU, brings you a work that has breakthrough in design and craftmanship.

ACU is named after the English Acupuncture and Acupressure the first three letters. The idea is to do acupuncture treatment for the Chinese trend industry, injecting authentics street fashion culture. 

In terms of design and craftmanship, The Remade works with BANU to perfectly apply 3D technology to the shoes themselves. The whole pair of shoes has been upgraded to a higher dimension and level. BANU shoes have always created a unique product with advanced 3D technology. 
The theme brought to you this time is the traditional Chinese decorative art "Lion head doorknocker" as the main axis, presented by gold, red and white throughout the whole shoes.
This heel is inspired by the traditional Chinese door knocker. The shape on the door knocker is the lion head figure, the ninth son of the dragon, the loyalty to the duty, the blessing of tranquility, and the toe cap is one of the eight traditional auspicious patterns of Chinese traditional style. Expressed a long history, endless life, long-term return to one, ending with the excellent Chinese culture of excellence, plus the abstract 3D shape of the lantern shape. 
The whole pair of shoes is modified by Nike's most classic style Air Force 1 and is perfectly combined with 3D shape, gold top layer cowhide, white Nike Swoosh and gold sheepskin. The unique shoe box packaging also makes the theme more Chinese culture.
This release is extremely limited and will be pre-sold on and on 2/14 Valentine's Day. The price is 2888 RMB, $450 USD. For more information, please pay attention to TheRemade official Weibo and Instagram @TheRemade